Study in China, my best decision ever.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

By Kawthar, currently year 3 in BEng Architecture in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

Enrolling to the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, I was very sceptical about my decision. Although I was amazed by the fact that my application was processed within 5 working days, I was worried about the environment in which I was going to study. In addition to the fear of leaving home to pursue further education at a place 5,000 miles away, I was also scared that I would be a social misfit. Moreover, the issue of language barrier was another factor to consider; knowing that the highest percentage of the population spoke Chinese.

However, with time, my worries were discarded as I begun to realize the exceptional advantages of studying and living in China and the university in particular. Surrounded by people from nearly 70 different countries worldwide, the University of Nottingham is a place to discover, connect and share new cultures and experiences. It was therefore easy for me to blend in with my fellow colleagues and classmates – especially since the school community followed similar traits of friendliness, warmth and willingness to help. I am now confident in saying that the university is my home away from home.

Another advantage lies in the location of the university. The university is not only found in China, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but also in Ningbo, one of the world’s largest ports. Both facts make the idea of studying at the university more beneficial in various ways.  Whilst living in China, for example, I have learned that it is necessary to have good Chinese vocabulary so as to communicate easily with the locals and I give credit to the University for offering free Mandarin classes to its students alongside its fully English taught programmes.

Furthermore, the university’s location is vital in providing a peaceful and comfortable environment for its students. In my opinion, it is evident that the neighbouring community is characterised by highly civilised, kind and welcoming people which places the University and its students in a safe and secure environment. Studying here, I find that it is also easy for me to access different points of interests such as shopping malls, dining areas, partying and tourism centres, among others. The low cost of living at approximately $8000 a year also makes my student experience affordable and easy to maintain.

The final merit of studying at the University of Nottingham, for me, is summarised in the extraordinary opportunities one gets while and after studying here. At an annual tuition fee of 110,000 RMB, approximately 15,700 USD per year. Students are taught by academic staff chosen from the top universities around the world. From my perspective, the tutors and professors are essentially available and approachable to the students. We are therefore guaranteed a high-quality education and meaningful friendships with the intellectuals. Study abroad and exchange opportunities are offered to enhance learning experiences. Upon graduation, students are also awarded degree certificates from the University of Nottingham UK and are highly competitive in the job market.

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