Study Tour In Malaysia

Visiting Malaysia for Studies and Training

Japanese students on study tour to Penang
Japanese students on study tour to Penang

We specialise in bringing in students from all over the world to experience university and college life in Malaysia. During our study tours students will engage in learning various programs of their interest including English, interact with local students, stay at homestays, learn about the diversity of local cultures, indulge in the amazing food and visit places of historical interests, local industries and tourist attractions.

All programs are conducted in English and can be customised to fit your requirements and period of stay. We always prioritise the safety of our students and students are required to purchase an international medical and hospitalisation plan from their home country before departure from their home country.

On arrival students will be picked up from the airport and suitable accommodation will be provided by the host university or college who will then arrange the activities for the students for the whole program. On completion of their study tour they will then be transported back to the airport after completing their memorable trip.

Some meals will be provided but not all and students are advised to bring some pocket money for meals and entertainment. Students are also advised to bring sufficient change of clothes suitable to the climate of the locale and also personal toiletries.

Students will be under the care of the local university or college at all times and emergency contacts will be provided to all students upon arrival.

Most student accommodation provided have basic facilities including free wifi, on-suite bathrooms and students are advised to keep all their belongings, cash and travel documents safely so as not not to lose them.

Study tours available for the following cities in Malaysia:

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