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American Homestay Network

Homestays through our partner, the American Homestay Network are designed to promote a deep, personal cultural exchange between our host families and the international students who become their guests. Whether students come for a few weeks or several school years, the benefits of our homestays lay the foundation for a rich and successful lifetime experience for both the student and host:

  • More Flexibility: AHN homestays can range from an immersive family experience or a B&B-styled stay, to a room rental in one of our host homes. From a few weeks to a full academic year, we help students and hosts customize a homestay to match their needs.
  • Better Cultural Immersion: International students are wanting to have an authentic American experience — including food, entertainment, shops, and sightseeing. AHN host families and local managers make these exciting new experiences possible and help bridge the cultural divide, while supporting English language skills (as appropriate) through daily conversation.
  • More Support: Homestay guests not only benefit from the care and oversight of their host families, but each is assigned to a local homestay manager for back-up support. Guests also receive a 24/7 emergency phone number.
  • Increased Safety: To ensure that each homestay is entirely safe, our homestay hosts must complete a comprehensive certification program, including in-home interviews, training and assessments, national background checks, home inspections, and routine communications with local AHN managers. This ensures that we maintain the high standards that the American International Education Industry expects from the American Homestay Network.

We can book your homestay for you at the location of your choice or near the university where you will be studying. Contact us to book or email us at

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(京都)短期フランス高校生 ホストファミリー募集

フランスのパリにあるラクロア高校と、ブルターニュ地域にあるアサンプション高校に通う高校生48名が、修学旅行のため京都に来日します! 1週間の短期プログラムなので、初めてのホストファミリーさんでも大変お受け入れしやすいプログラムです!もちろん、受入れ期間中は謝礼金をお支払いいたしますので費用面でも安心です。 Article source

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こんにちは、ホームステイインジャパンです!コロナウイルスも落ち着き、海外からの留学・ホームステイの申し込みも日ごとに多くなってきています。 ホームステイインジャパンでは今年の夏、全国5都市(東京・大阪・北海道・名古屋・福 […] Article source

Settling Into Homestay, A Hosts Advice

This is for the newer hosts, like myself, who are just starting to feel their way around hosting international students, while they are settling into homestay. Just be practical & patient and remember the first four weeks are the hardest, when students are feeling homesick, missing family friends and what…

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