From Financial Analysis to Data Analysis: How Justine C. Advanced Her Career


Justine C. was a financial analyst — and quite successful in her field. From facilitating complex financial statement analysis to communicating with clients, she progressed through her career at a steady pace.

After almost six years, however, she felt that she’d reached her limit and was ready for a shift. She wondered if she could pursue other learning opportunities where she’d face a whole new set of challenges, and began to research other careers.

“When I looked into tech, I was intrigued because it was unlike anything I had learned before,” she said. “Most of my background was in business, accounting, and finance. Programming was completely new to me.”

Fascinated and excited, Justine decided that the career change was worth the risk. With the encouragement of her fiancé, she enrolled in University of Washington FinTech Boot Camp and began her journey into the tech world.


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