Study Tour Outside Malaysia

Travel and Study

Travel and study outside Malaysia
Malaysian students in Australia

We offer short study trips, summer camps and familiarisation trips to students from Malaysia to the UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and many other countries.

You will get the perfect opportunity to spend a few weeks sampling university life and your host country, as well as the chance to enhance your academic, language or professional skills and visit some of your destination’s historic towns and cities while interacting with the local people.

This experience will help you to decide your future course by involving you in social events, field trips and cultural activities. It’s a chance to experience a university of your choice, improve your skills, practise your English and, above all, have fun!

Study Tours

Following are some of our more popular destinations:

Europe & Oceania
New Zealand Auckland 8-10 Days
Czech Republic Prague 8-9 Days
Poland & Hungary Krakow & Budapest 9-12 Days
Central Asia
Kazakhstan Almaty & Nur-Sultan 8-12 Days
Russia St. Petersburg & Moscow 9-11 Days
South Asia
Singapore Singapore 4-6 Days
Korea Jeju Island 5-6 Days
Taiwan Taipei 4-5 Days
China Beijing 5-6 Days

You can contact us or email us at for the details of the above programmes or ask us to customize a new tour for you.