Summer school in Japan: The perfect way to expand your horizons


One of the best times to visit Japan is over the summer months with sunshine and festivals galore. If you’re still at school or University but want to make the most of your summer, one of the best ways to do that can be through a summer school in Japan.

summer school in Japan

What’s involved?

summer school in Japan is a 2-4 week course that allows you to study Japanese language at a language school in Japan. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about the culture and practice your language lessons with a range of cultural activities suited to your interests. There are also different accommodation options depending on your trip so that you’re able to create an experience that’s right for you.

Benefits of Summer school in Japan

Make new friends – you’ll meet people from all around the world that share the same interests and love of Japan as you. This also means that you get to learn about even more cultures as well as Japanese.

Learn a new language the best way – Immersing yourself in a country and its culture is one of the best ways to learn a language as you’re constantly testing yourself and using it in real life rather than in textbook scenarios.

Experience new things – when learning a language at home you can be limited to the ways in which you learn and the opportunities you have for new experiences. As well as immersing yourself in a culture on a summer school, you’ll be giving yourself a chance to experience things you would never otherwise get to try. Whether it’s trying new foods or cultural experiences, it’s an unmissable opportunity. Particularly in Japan, there are so many rituals and customs central to its unique culture that you’ll want to try them all.

Great on applications – whether you’re going into work or you’re applying to university, a summer school experience can look brilliant on your application. It shows that you’re willing to push yourself to try new things, you’re keen to apply yourself and enjoy experiencing a range of activities. Particularly if you’re from Europe, going to somewhere like Japan, Taiwan or Korea will look a lot more exciting than staying near home.

Confidence boost – By trying something completely different like studying abroad, you can really build your confidence in a comfortable way. With the support of the organisation and the school you’ll be kept safe and sound but you’ll try new things and meet a lot of new people. Being in an entirely different environment can be a great chance to put yourself out there and improve your confidence.

Understanding independent learning – Whether you’re extending your studies when you go back home or if you’re heading out to work, independent learning is going to be key. It’s important to understand how to motivate yourself in whatever you do and summer school is a great way to ease into that. While you’ll have the support of the language school you’ll be away from your family and old friends so you’ll have to be the one keeping on top of your studies. It may not sound as fun as the other reasons but it’s certainly an important one to master.

summer school in Japan

Why summer in Japan?

So it might simply be that this is the time when you have a break from school or study but Japan has a lot going on in the summer. Summer is festival season and firework season. Sometimes the two are combined but if they’re not it doesn’t matter as they’re both wonderful on their own. This means dressing up in yukatas, going out with friends and enjoying it all in the summer sunshine.

With an understanding of what’s involved and why it’s so great, why don’t you book your language course for next summer and change your life. Find out for yourself why summer school in Japan is the best way to enjoy this amazing country and expand your horizons.


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