Why you should study in Japan during the Olympics


Wondering when the best time to visit Japan is? We’ll take you through why we think you should visit Japan this summer, during the 2020 Olympics. Maybe you’ve always thought about moving to Japan or learning Japanese but time, money, and a number of other reasons get in the way. Our study trips let you combine these things and see if they could work long term while still giving you a great reward in the short term.

Visiting Japan during the 2020 Olympics might be a time many people would rule out, as they think it would be too complicated or too expensive a time to come but with our study trips, we take care of all of the details, allowing you to combine travel, Japanese lessons, and cultural activities for a once in a lifetime experience.

A cheaper way to experience the Olympics

Visiting Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics means there will be lots of people around, and both hotel, and activity prices, are predicted to increase as local businesses will be hoping to make the most of the extra visitors. Accommodation is often the biggest cost of any trip but by booking one of our tours we help you avoid the increased cost as we’ve worked hard with our partners to keep prices low. Whether you’d like to live with a host family, at a school dormitory, or in a share house, we have guaranteed accommodation as part of our study trips and we have fixed their prices. This means you’ll have a convenient location, with like-minded people and, at a cost you’d normally pay at other times of the year.

The cost increases also apply to many of the cultural activities that are available across Tokyo, and Japan, throughout that timeframe but because we have worked with the same trusted partners for years, we have been able to keep our costs low and we offer them to you in a package to make things even easier.

Learn and practice Japanese daily!

Japan is going to great lengths to make itself more accessible to foreigners during the Olympics but it has always been a notoriously difficult country to navigate. The people are amazing and very friendly, but if you can’t read a sign or menu, there’s not much help.

With our trips, you have language lessons every weekday morning so you’ll be really immersing yourself in the Japanese language. Learning Japanese in Japan will be a great way to help you pick up basic Japanese, or improve your level if you already know some. By studying Japanese whilst you’re there, it means you can learn and practice constantly, find your way with ease, and maybe even get confident enough to help some other lost Olympic tourists as they explore the city!

Japan can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming as a tourist but if you’re there with us whilst the Olympics are on, as well as learning Japanese to make things easier, you’ll meet like-minded people and you can soak up the international vibe that will be present throughout the country. With people from over 200 states due to visit Japan, you’re bound to meet some of your fellow countrymen in the fan zones!

Making the most of your trip to Japan

Whether you want to visit Japan just to be there whilst the Olympics are on, or because you’ve always wanted to visit and the Olympics being held in Tokyo this year offers you an unmissable opportunity planning a trip alone can be difficult. Organising things by yourself means you’ll do all the research and planning with sites often only available in Japanese, have to find your own accommodation, book your flights, try and get tickets. It’s a lot of work and time and money.

With our study trips, most of this is sorted out for you and our team helps you through every step of the process to guide you on all the best choices for you. Activities are mixed in, giving you time to study, see the Olympics, and get a real insight into the cultural delights of Japan, whilst also giving you free time to investigate the city for yourself. You’ll make a lot of new friends on our tour who enjoy the same things you do so you don’t even have to spend time convincing one of your friends from back home to come with you. You just need to book your flights!

With so many reasons to help you make up your mind, why not visit Japan during the Olympics and make what would normally be an expensive time to come on holiday into a truely life-changing experience. Here are some tips on how to take the first step!


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