Application for ASEAN Scholarships for 2020

ASEAN Scholarship

The Ministry Of Education Singapore offers scholarships to bright young students from ASEAN countries, China and India to study in Singapore every year. In partnership with various organisations these scholarships are highly sought after by the best students in Asia who just completed their O-Levels or equivalent.

ASEAN Scholarship
ASEAN Scholarship

While studying in Singapore, students will be given opportunities to broaden their horizons and develop important skills such as leadership, communication and other life skills to equip them for the 21st century. They can also help to promote goodwill and understanding among young people from different countries and Singapore.

The following webpages provide more information about the ASEAN Scholarships.

Applications for the following ASEAN Scholarships are now open:

Applications for the following ASEAN Scholarships will open shortly. Find out more about the scholarships for: