Learn at Home Lookbook: 7 Business and Management Courses

As we navigate our new normal, we’re all looking for ways to spend our time at home. Whether you want to distract yourself with something fun, get up to speed on trending topics, or gain career-relevant skills, there’s a path for you with us.

The wave of economic disruption from COVID-19 has affected every industry; we are no longer operating under “business as usual.”

Explore how you can build the business skills and acumen that help companies of all kinds navigate this new normal and build more resilient futures. Browse our lookbook highlighting seven top courses and programs that cover core business concepts to practical skills in topics including strategic management, project management, finance, supply chain, leadership, process improvement, and entrepreneurship.

1. Strategic Management

Forming bonds with customers is an essential part of any business. Technology has caused firms to fundamentally change their strategy to connect with their customers in new and different ways, unlocking new opportunities for businesses of all kinds.

Course highlight: In Connected Strategy from Wharton, part of Wharton’s Strategic Management Professional Certificate program, you’ll learn how technology has enabled firms to fundamentally change how they connect with their customers and how Connected Customer Experience and the Connected Delivery Models can be utilized in a myriad of industry and business models.

2. Project Management

According to the Project Management Institute, organizations waste 122 million dollars for every one billion invested due to poor project performance, while projects that follow standardized project management practices meet their goals and objectives 50% more often than projects that don’t. It’s no wonder project management has been one of the fastest-growing sectors of new jobs around the world.

Course highlight: In Project Management Life Cycle from RITx, part of the RITx Project Management MicroMasters® program, you’ll learn how to initiate, plan, execute, and close a project following industry standards in a way that you can immediately apply.

Hear from a learner: “Of course you do learn these skills on the job and from your previous education, but the MicroMasters program allowed me to fill many gaps of knowledge and to contextualize experiences I had acquired myself. I feel more comfortable now when I start a project.” – Elena, a senior veterinarian in Italy.

3. Finance

Business organizations are constantly engaged in decision-making related to financial planning, investments, capital purchases, etc. The right financial decisions play a critical role in maximizing an organization’s business value, now more than ever.

Course highlight: In Corporate Finance from IIMBx, part of the IIMBx Business Management MicroMasters® program, learn the ideas, concepts and tools managers use to make decisions that create value for their organizations such as time value of money, opportunity cost, net present value, and internal rate of return.

4. Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the backbone of the global economy, and in the spotlight today. The ability to manage these farflung and complex networks is now seen as crucial to the success or failure of a firm.

Course highlight: In Supply Chain Fundamentals from MITx, part of the MITx Supply Chain Management MicroMasters® program, learn the fundamental concepts for logistics and supply chain management from both analytical and practical perspectives.

Hear from a learner: “The material is useful every single day, and has helped me become very effective in a leadership role; in particular, the courses have helped me to work seamlessly with others who have more traditional supply chain backgrounds,” – Javier, a supply chain engineer at Google.

5. Leadership

What separates a successful leader from a mediocre one? Inclusive leaders intentionally bring out the full potential of their team by empowering and valuing the unique contributions of individual employees. The innovation and productivity potential of these teams can only be harnessed in an inclusive work culture.

Course highlight: In Becoming a Successful Leader from CatalystX, part of the CatalystX Inclusive Leadership Professional Certificate program, you’ll learn how to develop and refine the key inclusive leadership skills of Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility—known as the “EACH” framework—and how to apply your new skills to case studies and in real-life situations.

6. Process Improvement

In order to make real change, sometimes you need to look beyond individual problems and instead learn to see process flows that can be improved. Lean and Six Sigma are powerful methodologies often used together to bring about change in any kind of process from volume production to service industries.

Course highlight: In Six Sigma: Define and Measure from TUMx, part of the TUMx Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Quantitative Tools for Quality and Productivity Professional Certificate program, you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to the Six Sigma methodology and the DMAIC cycle for process improvement, with a focus on the Define and Measure phases, including basic statistics for understanding sampling plans and calculating process capability.

Hear from a learner: “Since I got my Professional Certificate in Lean Six Sigma in edX offered by the Technical University of Munich, my data analysis skills are significantly improved. The concept of continuous improvement both in personal and professional career became my habit and became my way of life today.” – Mark Anthony, a learner from the Philippines working in construction.

7. Entrepreneurship

The ability to ‘think like an entrepreneur’ and ‘act like an innovator’ are critical skills for success across industries and are proven tools to help distinguish you in the workplace and to accelerate your career.

Course highlight: In The Entrepreneurial Mindset from BabsonX, part of the BabsonX Entrepreneurial Mindset and Leadership Professional Certificate program, you’ll learn to implement the method of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A™)–which will give you a roadmap to create and add value for stakeholders and society.

Keep Learning, Together

Together with our university partners and the millions of learners who make up our community, we want to support you in your learning journey in every way we can. Explore more business courses and programs and check out our collection of tips for learning online.

Considering starting a full degree program? While a traditional Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program continues to be a popular choice, other types of business master’s degrees offer curriculum tailored to specific industries or disciplines. Learn more about what type of business management degree best matches your goals.

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