How do you turn your passion into your purpose?


Learn how an animal lover became a voice for the voiceless.

“Finding a passion is great. But having a purpose is even greater.” In the Philippines, Karen is living by these words as an animal rescuer and advocate. Like most goals in life, turning your passion into your purpose is easier said than done. But through her hard work in the Animal Behaviour & Welfare course offered by the University of Edinburgh, Karen has done exactly that. And she wants you to know that you can, too.


As an accomplished actor, athlete, and animal lover, Karen is no stranger to passion. You could say it’s a prerequisite for her. So when Karen found out that, just like people, animals can be discriminated against, she couldn’t stay offstage or on the sidelines. Karen’s love for animals motivated her to take action.


Looking to change the lives of animals for the better, Karen found a course from the University of Edinburgh on Coursera and began to build the skills to make an impact. Through her Animal Behaviour & Welfare course, Karen learned about the current state of animal cruelty around the world and how much more global awareness is needed. She discovered how animal welfare organizations can focus on unserved parts of their community.


Since enrolling on Coursera, Karen has started to spread awareness of animal neglect, abuse, and abandonment. She’s also proposing different projects for different communities to help animal welfare in her country. Karen has become more confident in speaking publicly and sharing her knowledge online and offline. She’s now actively participating in different forums and telling others about her personal experiences.

What You Can Do

Just like Karen, when you find a new passion, you can do what it takes to give your work a new purpose. This can be a life-changing experience. It was for Karen. If you’re inspired to pursue new opportunities and ready to learn the skills you’ll need, you can come to Coursera to follow your passions and discover your purpose.

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