5 Ways to Study Abroad on a Budget


“But I can’t afford to study abroad!”

Is this the thought rattling around your head when you think of study abroad? Do you want to explore the world but feel held back by finances? Studying abroad can feel expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Students from all backgrounds receive millions of dollars in study abroad scholarships every year that make it easy to study abroad on a budget. There is a scholarship opportunity out there that is right for you. To get you started, scroll down to check out these five incredible options to study abroad for less with CIEE

Become a Global Leader | Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship

Are you a study leader of color who wants to build leadership skills, cross-cultural fluency and learn more about conflict resolution and social justice throughout history? Study abroad on a budget—ok, for free!—with this fully-funded fellowship. Explore the impact of global leaders’ movements for social justice and conflict resolution with the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship. The program awards student leaders of color who embody the spirit of Frederick Douglass with a unique opportunity to build leadership and cross-cultural fluency. This fellowship honors your academic achievement, communication skills, and commitment to social justice by taking you on an academic and cultural journey unlike any other. Previous cohorts of Frederick Douglass Global Fellows have studied abroad in Dublin, following Douglass’ footsteps across Ireland; spoken with cultural leaders in London or explored the complex history of Cape Town. 

Through this fellowship, you will learn about leaders who sought to create positive change in their community in the face of injustice and conflict. You will explore a new city and meet advocates from all over the world.

  • Discover the value of a global network and elevate your communication skills not only on a cultural, but on a professional level. 
  • Learn the deep history of Frederick Douglass and gain new perspectives on leadership in global movements
  • Return home to further his famous call to, “Agitate! Agitate! Agitate” as an ambassador for cross cultural competency and catalysts for positive change. 
  • Apply to this four-week fully funded fellowship and join a community of young changemakers, become a global leader and explore a whole new country, no matter your financial background.

Applications for the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship open November 1st and are due on Frederick Douglass’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Learn more and apply now!

Frederick Douglass Scholars Grant

The Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship is awarded to a small cohort of students each year. However, if you are not selected for the fellowships, there’s still opportunities to study abroad for less. All eligible applicants to the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship will receive a $1,500 study abroad grant to apply to an upcoming CIEE summer, fall, or spring program. Where would you go? Explore 90+ program options with CIEE, and start your Frederick Douglass Scholar application today!

GAIN and Go Global Travel Grant

Calling all Pell Eligible Students! The GAIN Travel grant covers travel costs up to $1,000 when you complete your CIEE application by the program deadline. Apply for the Gilman Scholarship, and as an applicant, receive a CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant and a GAIN Travel Grant totaling up to $3,500!

Become immersed in the culture of Barcelona, London, Seoul (or multiple locations in one semester if you choose our Open Campus Block Program) and so much more, all with CIEE!

CIEE’s Open Campus Block Program

See more of the world for less with the Open Campus Block Program. This unique program allows you to study or intern in up to THREE locations around the world over the course of a semester—explore cities like Copenhagen, Rome or Cape Town! With this flexibility you can design a program that is perfect just for you while also being able to study abroad on a budget! Discover three locations for the cost of just one. Spin the globe to pick your perfect program or learn more about the CIEE Open Campus Block Program.

Minority Serving Institution Grant

Are you a student at a Minority Serving Institution? Guess what! You are eligible for up to $2,000 deducted for semester study abroad programs and $1,000 deducted from internship programs! This award is perfect for high need students based on Student Aid Report and availability of funds. Talk to your advisor about which CIEE program is right for you! 

Looking for more ways to study abroad on a budget? Every year, CIEE offers thousands of student scholarships based on need, merit, and specific programs. Find the one for you.

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